Thank you for allowing us to wake this morning, Lord we know it wasn't the alarm clocks, it was Your hand of mercy. Father, we are grateful, Everything we needed, God You have already provided! God I pray for every person that is connected to this page that You would bless us beyond measure! I pray that empty cups will be filled with Your power. Those who are laying in parched places, God I pray for Your living waters to out pour on them! Refresh them in Your word! Quench their thirst with living water this morning God! Lord I pray for those that are fighting a battle in their minds, faltering between two opinions, Let the mind of Christ be in them! Lord we who are struggling between our flesh and spirit, God I pray we will walk in the Spirit of You so we won't fulfill the lusts of their flesh! Father I pray that the power of the Holy Ghost be made evident in our lives today! Father manifest Your power and glory in our lives! Move us beyond comfort and complacency, stretch us God to seek You the more! Thank You for being the Lifter of our heads! Those who are cast down in their spirits, those who feel like they've lost hope, those who can't see their way out, those who are afraid to trust You God, BE THE LIFTER OF THEIR HEADS! LIFT FROM SHAME, LIFT FROM DEPRESSION, LIFT FROM LACK, LIFT FROM SADNESS, LIFT FROM RUIN, LIFT FROM HOPELESSNESS, LIFT FROM REJECTION, LIFT FROM RAPE, LIFT FROM DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, LIFT FROM MOLESTATION, LIFT FROM BACKSTABBING, LIFT FROM CHURCH HURT, LIFT FROM ABANDONMENT...LIFT US FATHER FROM EVERYTHING THAT HAS ENTRAPPED US AND CAUSED US TO BE A PRISONER TO OURSELVES!!! I PRAY FOR A "SUDDENLY" TO TAKE PLACE IN OUR LIVES GOD! SUDDENLY OUR PRISON DOORS SHALL BE OPENED! SUDDENLY OUR CHAINS WILL FALL! SUDDENLY OUR SITUATIONS WILL CHANGE FOR THE BATTER! SUDDENLY REPORTS OF HEALING SHALL SPRING FORTH! SUDDENLY WE WILL DEBT FREE! SUDDENLY OUR FAMILIES WILL BE SAVED! SUDDENLY THE POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST WILL OVERSHADOW US!!! SUDDENLY GOD! SUDDENLY!!! GIVE US A SUDDENLY OH GOD! WHEN WE LEAST EXPECT IT, SUDDENLY!!! FATHER WE DECLARE A "SUDDENLY" KIND OF DAY! FATHER I TRUST YOU TO DO IT AND THEREFORE I GIVE YOU PRAISE IN ADVANCE AND I THANK YOU NOW FOR THE PRAISES THAT SHALL COME FORTH UNTO YOU! GOD WE THANK YOU! WE LOVE YOU LORD! IN THE NAME OF JESUS I PRAY! AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!! THANK YOU LORD!

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Comment by Sonya C. Wilcox on October 19, 2011 at 8:30pm

Thanks and God bless you my brothers and sisters in Christ...I really appreciate all your comments to my morning prayer..Love you and know God loves you too....Be encouraged!!!!


God, I thank you tonight for every blessing You gave to us today! Blessings seen and unseen! Thank You for every spirit that graced this page today! Father I pray every need be met in Jesus name! Those who don't know Christ as their Lord and Savior, Father we pray for salvation now in the mighty name of Jesus! Those who have backslidden, We call them to slide back in right relationship with You God! Father we pray for those that are trapped in religion and not in a true relationship with You! Father we release those who are bound by masks and pretense! Lord those who attend church Sunday after Sunday yet still have no victory in their lives, Father God we ask you to break down the barriers! Rip away the prison bars, destroy those things God that are keeping us from walking in Victory through Christ Jesus! Lord I pray for a fresh wind to began to blow, A fresh wind of Your Spirit to blow upon us O mighty God! Breathe life into us God! Those who are lying in beds of affliction, those who being attacked in their minds, those who are having trouble in their homes, those who children are going through, those who are lacking in their finances. God where ever there is a drought, a famine in their lives BREATHE O MIGHTY GOD YOUR SPIRIT UPON THOSE DRY PLACES! FATHER AS THE FRESH WIND BEGINS TO BLOW I PRAY FOR AN ABUNDANCE OF RAIN! LET IT RAIN GOD!!! LET YOUR REFRESHING WATER BEGIN TO FLOW! WATER OUR DRY AND THIRSTY PLACES TONIGHT GOD! FOR WE ARE THIRSTY FOR YOU! THE DRY AND WEARY AREAS OF OUR LIVES LORD ARE THIRSTY FOR YOU! LET IT RAIN GOD! FATHER WE THANK YOU FOR THE HARVEST THAT IS TO COME! WE SHALL NOT FAINT NOR SHALL WE GROW WEARY IN WELL DOING! STRENGTHEN US GOD! HOLY SPIRIT FALL ON US! SHOWER DOWN!!!! SHOWER DOWN!!!! SHOWER DOWN!!! GOD ALL THAT WE NEED IS FOUND IN YOU! GOD WE DECLARE IT DONE IN THE NAME OF JESUS, AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!

Comment by ALCEDES D. JONES SR AKA AL JONE on October 19, 2011 at 12:14pm

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